Jacqui Marcelle

On - Air Personality / Account Executive

Host of "Fresh Cup Of Tea" on Fresh Fire Gospel Radio TT, every weekday morning from 6.30am 😍 With over 15 years' experience in Radio, She was mentored by veteran Radio Personality Eddison Carr. She stands on the scripture - Hosea 4:6. Tune in to "The Lady with The Golden Voice" on Fresh Fire Gospel radio TT.


Inspirational Life Coach

JCD is a powerful woman of God with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field in which God has called her to minister. Her life reflects everything that she stands for and speaks of. She was trained at the University of West Indies and has mentored many persons throughout her life. Tune in and be inspired by her life experiences, knowledge and of course her Bible messages.

Pastor Chris James and Minister Ingrid Baptiste James

Pastor ( Sharing a word daily)

This Man and Woman Of God are the head of "The House Of The Word Of The Living God", taking the time to share a Bible Message every day on Fresh Fire Gospel Radio TT

Pastor Terry Nightingale


I believe that God has given every human on the planet the ability to make, design, invent, celebrate… We were made in His image and He is very creative. I mean, really creative. And He doesn’t seem to mind displaying His beauty and intricacy and boldness for all to see. So, if we are children of God and He is our Father in Heaven, let’s follow His example. Let’s do everything we can to discover, hone and craft the things He has called and enabled us to do. Let’s create beautiful things and at the same time, celebrate Him. I have written songs for as long as I can remember. You’ll find audio, video with words, lyrics, notes and chords etc. The Blog has been going for a while – ‘4-minute devotions’, maybe something in there will be a word for you. Pastor Terry has also written books and has his own Radio Station. Find out more about pastor Terry Nightingale by visiting his website and his Podcast page via the links below. https://redcircle.com/shows/4-minute-devotions-the-podcast https://terrynightingale.com/music/