The Power Of Testimony

Going through life, we sometimes face many challenges, trials, and just really difficult situations that seem like they won’t go away. We sometimes desire certain things and we pray and ask God to grant these things to us. When God hears us and delivers us from those difficult situations or grant those things we’d been wishing and praying for, telling someone about it and testifying of God’s goodness and faithfulness could be of more importance than we sometimes think. I remember listening to or reading certain testimonies of some awesome things God did for some people and just felt my spirit stir up within me and I got the “if-God-did-it-for-them, He-can-do-it-for-me” feeling.You mustn’t underestimate the power of testifying of what God has done for you, telling it even just to one person could do much more than you think. Here are 6 reasons why you should testify of God’s goodness:

  • It is an act of thanksgiving and worship to God
    The Psalms are filled with prayers and hymns of thanksgiving David gave unto God. He would say things like ‘when I called, you answered me…’ (Ps 138:3 NIV), “I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me” (Ps 118:13 NIV). David’s testimonies of God’s greatness were great acts of worship to God and David pleased God so much that he is called ‘a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22).Testifying, is recommending God to someone as a great solution to any problem, and that, is a great act of worship
  • It edifies the listener and the one who testifies
    Reading through David’s testimonies of God’s goodness, I still get edified today! I get encouraged because the same God David served is the same God I’m serving, so if God could do it back then for David, then He certainly can still do it for me today. If a friend was to tell me she got a 90% discount at a particular shop, I will go to that shop with all confidence, having no doubt that I’m going to get a 90% discount too because my friend just got one. Telling of what God has done for you, has a way of stirring up faith in people and encouraging them especially when they are going through the same situation you went through.
  • It opens up the way for more blessings
    God is pleased when you acknowledge his name. Telling someone about what he has done is acknowledging his power, his goodness and his love. This is pleasing to God and He is moved to bless you even more. If I was a hair dresser maybe, and I had a particular client whom each time I did her hair she goes around showing it off to everyone and telling them how great  a hair dresser I am, next time she comes to get her hair done, I would want it done very perfectly and wouldn’t want any mistakes because I know she’s going to go telling people about me and I would want her hair to reflect what she says. God does even more when we testify about what He has done for us.
  • It puts the Devil to Shame and frustrates his plans
    The enemy isn’t happy when you talk about God in any way! And definitely not when you tell of His goodness and faithfulness. We triumph over the enemy with the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11). When you testify, you are letting someone know the truth and exposing the lies the enemy tells them when they are going through trials and difficult times. With the word of your testimony, you overcome the evil one.
  • It confirms your faith in God
    Sometimes when good things happen to people, they credit it to ‘chance’ or ‘luck’ or maybe their own abilities and strengths. They say ‘it was by chance that this happened to me…’ or ‘I was very lucky that didn’t happen…’, but because as a Christian, we know every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father (James 1:17), when we testify, we are actually confirming in whom our faith lies and acknowledging in whom we believe in.

So be sure to testify of the good things God has done for you! Do not underestimate them and keep them to yourself, tell somebody about it. For there is great power in your testimony. Above all, your life is the greatest testimony you can give about the love of our Lord, so let your life tell the story!‘Come and hear, all you who fear God, let me tell you what he has done for me” (Psalms 66:16, NIV)

Remain Blessed